AMP required an automated system that would generate an digitally animated card for their staff and advisors. The system had to have the ability to cater for low skill level administraion and use a csv file to load all data in for the users. Based on these dates and 2 fields of either Birthday or Anniversary the system would trigger the generation of the required card and animation and store on a server ready for deployment.
Once the time and date was reached the system would then fire off the card with a unique url to a front end EDM template loading the name of the recipient and the correct greeting. By using custom API in Campaign monitor we were able to use a sophisticated front end delivery system to ensure SPAM free messaging which would then deliver a html based email with a custom link for the user to view their online card animation.
Animations were completed and streamed as mpeg and image squences for the glitter. The cards had to work over multiple platforms and browsers seamlessly so various versions were created to cater for these variables.
Screenshots of the CMS to manage the system.

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